FAQ's / Safety

Be sure to visit our Event/Paddler Safety information page...


Q. Why do I need to register for the Paddle?
When you register for the Paddle it gives us an indication of the number of people to expect on the day. We also get your email address and that allows us to communicate with you as the date approaches updating you on any changes, etc. We will not share your email with anyone else.

Q. Where do we meet the day of the Paddle?
Paddlers meet at Hidden Valley Ski Chalet, which is on Hidden Valley Road off Hwy. 60, ten minutes west of Huntsville. Keep right, past the Villas and you will be directed to the parking areas. View a map to Hidden Valley Ski Area.

Q. What time should we be at Hidden Valley?
We expect things to get going at about 7:00AM. The first buses will depart at 7:15 for Hutcheson Beach. The last bus will leave for Hutcheson Beach at 9:00AM. Registrants will be updated of any changes by email.

Q. How do we get to the launch area at Hutcheson Beach?
Your boat will be loaded onto a canoe trailer and you will be transported by bus to the launch area.

Q. How long will it take to paddle to Hidden Valley?
We believe the average paddlers will take approximately 3 hours from Launch to Finish. Variables will be weather, paddler expertise, and whether you stop on the route.

Q. What happens if I can’t make it to the Finish?
There will be Volunteers in patrol boats throughout the paddle route, ready to assist.


Q. How much of the money I raise in pledges goes directly to Fairvern Nursing Home?
100% of the money raised during this event will go to The Fairvern Building Fund.

Q. My paddling partner does not want/is not able to raise pledge money. Can he/she participate in the Paddle for Fairvern?
Yes. You may sponsor your partner, share some of your pledges with him/her, or he/she may donate $50 in their own name on their pledge sheet. We will be looking for $100 per 2 adult paddlers.

Q. I might not be able to collect all the money pledged before the Paddle. What will happen?
Paddlers are responsible to collect and bring all of the money pledged and recorded on the pledge form. If there is pledge money not collected, the amount will not be included with your total pledges for prizes. You must arrive on the day of the paddle with a minimum of $50 pledged per paddler. Pledges collected after the event may be brought to Fairvern and receipts will be issued if required.

Q. Will cheques be accepted?
Yes. A combination of cash and cheques will be counted where you Check In. Cheques payable to Fairvern Nursing Home re: Paddle.

Q. Will everyone who sponsors me receive a receipt?
Donations of $20 or more will receive receipts if we have complete and legible contact information. Please try to get email addresses so that we can limit our costs. Donations under $20 will be receipted upon request.


Q. Will we be allowed to paddle without wearing life jackets?
Yes, but you must have an MOT approved life jacket for each person in each boat. There will be a safety checklist of your gear before you leave the Check In area and again before you launch.

Q. Can we bring our dog?
Yes, but we ask you to consider the circumstances that might arise and how you will deal with your pet as a responsible owner.  There are several reliable pet boarding kennels in the Huntsville area for your convenience.

Visit our Paddler Safety information page.


Q. What refreshments will be provided?
Water and snack bars are available at Check In at Hidden Valley Chalet. BBQ lunch will be ready at Hidden Valley Chalet from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. for all paddlers, their families, friends, and volunteers, at no charge. 

Q. Will there be vegetarian options?